Our Purpose

Empower a sustainable energy future without costing the earth

We empower the battery industry by delivering high performance, cost-effective battery materials that significantly improve the efficiency of energy storage across the globe, in order to help cool the planet today

Help cool the planet by increasing the adoption of electric vehicles, accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy future, replacing fossil fuels, and ultimately mitigating climate change.

Because today is just in time.

Our Vision

Help cool the planet, today

The fastest and most effective way to cool the planet is through electrification.

To support this vision and ambition we see ourselves becoming the leading Silicon Carbon materials manufacturer in the world by the end of the decade.

Consequently, Sicona will play a significant role in increasing the speed of Electric Vehicle adoption so that all vehicles on the road are electric in our lifetime.

We enable efficient and effective use of renewable energy in our energy systems, cooling the atmosphere, helping save millions of lives through cleaner air.


Sustainability is at the core of our purpose, vision, mission, and point of difference.

Sicona positively impacts 9 UN Sustainability Goals.