Pioneering Battery Materials

Our Technology

Sicona produces Silicon-Carbon anode materials that supercharge next-gen Lithium-ion batteries

Our innovative SiCx™ battery materials technology delivers +20% increase in energy density over conventional graphite-only Lithium-ion battery cells. By leveraging silicon metal Sicona delivers high performance battery materials at mass market scale, without costing the earth.

Improved Performance

Sicona’s SiCx™ battery anode materials enable improved performance of today’s Lithium-ion batteries at unmatched price and scale.

The Science

We pioneer
We deliver

We develop high performance battery materials that are truly scalable and don't cost the earth.

Our Silicon Carbon material has over 4.5 times the capacity of graphite with equivalent first cycle efficiency, surface area, and tap density.

Utilising a top-down process Sicona has cracked highly efficient mechanical Silicon Metal reduction to create ideal nanoparticles for intended applications. Further treatment in specialised coating processes create the unique material qualities that our customers demand.

The Sicona SiCx™ is a simple drop-in product that requires no changes in the current battery production processes, and is fully compatible with next-gen dry electrode technology.

Sicona’s technology does not rely on expensive, dangerous, bottlenecked and emissions intensive Silane gas. This enables Sicona’s customers to access unmatched prices and scales for maximum positive impact.


By leveraging silicon metal, Sicona delivers high performance battery materials at mass market scale, without costing the earth.

Raw materials

Silicon metal is abundant, safe, cost effective, and globally accessible unlike Silane gas.

Supply chain

Sustainably sourced Silicon from reputable, low risk suppliers in Inflation Reduction Act compliant jurisdictions.

Energy efficiency and affordability

Enabled by +20% higher energy density in Lithium-ion batteries accelerating Electric Vehicle adoption.

Electrification transition

Accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy future, reducing reliance on fossil fuels for ICEs and their associated GHG emissions causing global warming, thereby mitigating climate change.



We see a future where EVs are cheaper, drive further, charge faster and energy storage batteries are accessible to all.

By using our SiC product in existing Li-ion batteries this future can be realised from today. We specifically designed Sicona’s SiCx™ product to seamlessly integrate with existing battery manufacturing processes and supply chains.

EVs & mobility

  • +0%
    Energy density over conventional graphite-only Lithium-ion battery cells.
  • Increase vehicle range to drive further
  • Reduced battery cost
  • Reduce battery size and weight
  • Faster charging rates by +40%

Energy storage

  • +0%
    Cell energy density
  • Reduced battery size, accelerating private & micro-grid applications
  • Reduce waste
  • Direct replacement of fossil fuel electricity generators